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Dear Friend,

Let’s face it ... It sucks not getting an erection when you need it. But you probably already know it’s not your fault. It’s just simple mechanics ...you aren’t getting enough blood to “soft” at the wrong time.

The good news is, like most “mechanical” problems, it CAN be fixed! And better yet, with new, advanced magnetic technology, it can be fixed withoutpills, patches, creams, pumps, drugs or crazy contraptions!

If you’ve suffered the embarrassment and inconvenience of “erection failure”, as you continue to read, you’ll see that Sex Magnet is a highly effective method to solve this problem.

In fact, if you’re wondering exactly how effective Sex Magnet is, we already know ... 97%! That means that 97% of ALL men who use it to get a big, hard, long-lasting erection, get one!

Created by a doctor for your continued sexual pleasure...

This incredible erection producer was designed by the internationally renowned.

He created Sex Magnet to employ a unique, patented magnetic process that is provenand guaranteed to draw blood to where you need it, and in this case, to your penis to cause you to get a huge erection – whenever you want – for repeated lovemaking and multiple ejaculations!

Sex Magnet doesn’t require anything else to work... NO medication, NO surgery, NO constraints or restrictions – it is a 100% natural erection producer! And the great thing about Sex Magnet is that your erections still occur naturally, anytime you need one.

No windows of opportunity you need to fit into. No waiting. And your pounding hard erections will be long-lasting, so you’ll be able to make love for hours without failing even a little! It will be your little secret that keeps you “ready to go” all the time!

In fact, you’ll still get 13 hours of back-uphardness even if you don’thave it in your pocket...

Some men have asked, “What happens when you take your pants off to roll in the sack?” Great question, and I have an answer that will make you smile. Even if you take Sex Magnet out of your pocket, or are no longer in contact with it, its hardening effect will keep you ramrod straight for up to 13 hours! YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE YOUR SEX MAGNET ON YOU TO HAVE SEX!

It’s just like when you sit for a long time on an airplane and blood tends to collect as it’s pulled down into your legs. With all that extra blood that has accumulated in your groin area, ready to make you stiff as a board anytime, it takes 13 hours for it to leave the area fully. So even without it, you’ll get 13 hours of back- up sexual energy to draw on.

Sex Magnet is an amazing discovery for all men who have difficulties getting or keeping an erection, or for men who’ve tried the popular drugs and found them ineffective or inconvenient.
Sex Magnet
Sex Magnet
With Sex Magnet you’ll get a POWERFUL erection – stronger than any you have ever had – because Sex Magnet is proven to “drive” blood into your penis!

Magnetic energy has been used successfully for many years in countless scientific applications -- especially in medicine. For example, it’s helped relieve pain for arthritis sufferers by drawing blood to joints and helping circulation. And Sex Magnet uses this same principle of “attraction” to work like a charm for you!

Sex Magnet is shaped like a small, thin microchip that is compact enough to carry in your pocket without hardly noticing it. This small unbreakable square contains a sophisticated magnetic system that sends unnoticeable pulses of magnetic waves through your body that dilate your blood vessels naturally to improve your circulation.
These magnetic waves have PROVEN in millions of men to pull blood, like the moon pulls the ocean waves, into your penis so it swells up and becomes hard as rock! And remember, it’s effective 97% of the time! So it’s not hit or miss. It WILL make you hard!

And you should know ...This is no ordinary magnet! Unfortunately, just slipping an ordinary household magnet in your pants won’t do the trick. Sex Magnet contains a special magnetic chip that is smaller and more powerful than a standard magnet.

It’s similar to the same technology behind the magnetic pendants and bracelets used by pro athletes to maximize their stamina and performance.

Now... let me tell you my own story...

I’m not only here to tell you how well Sex Magnet will work for you, I can tell you, man-to-man, that it has worked for me too!

The fact is, I’m 52 years old. I have always been pretty good with ladies and enjoyed a vigorous and healthy sex life. But around age 49, I got caught by surprise when my girlfriend grabbed my penis in bed and I stayed like play-doh in her hands. Ouch! No matter what she did, (and she’s a hotty) she could not get my soldier to snap to attention. She was a little hurt (and still horny) and I was mad, embarrassed, confused and frustrated!

But in talking to other men about this, I found out this happens a lot. All of a sudden one day, their once easy-to-get hard ons failed to launch. And then it starts to happen more and more.
Sex Magnet
My friend and colleague Dr. Hermann told me about Sex Magnet. He told me how it worked. And since I’m not big into taking pills, I thought, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.”

Three years later my penis is still throbbing! And now I work for the company!

I was amazed. I’ve never had a failure to launch since! It makes sense ... You need good blood flow to your penis for a hard on, and Sex Magnet draws blood to your penis continually. So when you need to perform, it’s ready to go!

Sex Magnet guarantees SPONTANEOUS and COLOSSAL erections whenever the urge arises!

Sex Magnet has been used successfully in dozens of countries, by millions of men who are enthusiastic about its success! Part of the reason is not just because of its effectiveness, but also because of its practicality and convenience.

It’s hardly larger than a penny. So having it in your pocket is easy. And you’re always ready to go! How easy is that to be able to achieve a full, anytime erection without having to eat or drink anything? Just slip it into your pant pocket and the blood will start flowing!

In fact, there’s no need to even tell anyone you have Sex Magnet in your pocket. It can be your secret! Who will know? Your lover will just think it’s all you! Dripping with sexual power, energy and stamina!

Sex Magnet is far better than your typical sexual-enhancing pill, which forces you to time your use 1 to 2 hours before having sex. And then it wears off shortly after, which means you’ll need to take another. Timing is NEVER a problem with Sex Magnet because of its sustained effectiveness, available to you 24/7!

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I look forward to hearing from you,

To Your New, Improved Sex Life,

Sex Magnet

Michael Cerf, Natural Choice

P.S. Who would have thought even 5 years ago that a simple, discrete magnetic chip could actually give ANY man a throbbing, rock-hard and long-standing erection! Believe it or not, it’s happening... effortless, anytime erections for ALL men!

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Sex Magnet
Sex Magnet
Sex Magnet